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Sennistudio52 has existed for more than thirty years. Its expertise ranges various architectural functions both from large to small scale architectural projects, with particular attention to interior spaces, both public and private.

All Its projects express the highest levels of competence and experience in materials, bioclimatic solutions, environmental impact, fuel consumption, and, last but not least, in the  world of lighting, which is essential not only for its ergonomic, but also for its psychological and emotional implications.

The company has always provided itsever more discerning and demanding clientele with detailed analyses of costs and control and management of the budget, as well as  punctuality in planning the interventions.
The company’s constant search for new technologies, materials and systems, is an added value to the quality of the project, integrating it into a construction management with partners and professionals among the best in the industry.

giovanni senni architect

Giovanni Senni was born in Neunkirchen (Germany) in 1969.
In 2002 he began his work as an interior designer.
In 2004 he graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence, specializing in Architecture and Design
In 2005 he became a member of the Association of Architects of the Province of Forlì – Cesena.
He continues to live and work in Cesena, where his Architecture and Interior Design Studio is situated in the historic centre. He collaborates and relates on a continuous basis with both Italian and foreign Design Studios, addressing issues of architectural design, urban regeneration and interior design.


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